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Egg Drop!!

Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Theory, Experiment, Science, Falsifiability / Pages: 2 (465 words) / Published: May 21st, 2012
Egg Drop (lab writes) In our science class we did an egg drop experiment. We used the scientific method to answer the question and solve the problem. Our question for this particular lab was “will an egg break or be secured, if covered with thick sponges and drop from ten feet above the ground?” our idea was to secure the egg from breaking and we wanted to design something that would provide a lot of cushioning directly on the egg. We came up with many different ideas until we choose the one that would fit right in with our contraption or idea. Our second step toward the scientific method was to make a hypothesis. We did a lot of observations and educated guess to come up with a perfect hypothesis. Also, we made sure that our hypothesis was good enough to be testable or otherwise our investigation could not go any further. So we made a hypothesis that stated “fat sponges will secure the egg and prevent it from breaking. The third step toward our investigation was to test the hypothesis or to experiment our hypothesis. Before we test the hypothesis, we measured the volume and area of the sponge. The volume of the sponge was 5m3 and the area of the sponge was 10 cm3. In our experiment, the control group was an egg covered with regular sponge and our experimental group was an egg covered with thick sponge. The thickness and softness of sponge was the variable. After we measured the sponge, we drop both egg from same height to test the hypothesis. After testing the hypothesis, we continued to use the scientific method and analyzed the results. By our observations and information we gathered, the egg with regular sponge did not survive the experiment because there was the crack in the middle of the egg. The egg with thick sponge survived and did not have any signs of any type of crack. Then we used next step toward the scientific method which was to draw conclusions. Our conclusion was “thick sponge helped the egg to survive because the sponge directly cushioned the egg.” Our conclusions did support our hypothesis and to make sure we repeat our experiment many different times and check the results each and every time. After following all the steps, we reach the last part which was to communicate results. To communicate our results we let other people know our results and all the information we have learned. This allows us to communicate and share all the information which was helpful for us and the others. We answered the question and solved the problem by using the scientific method. The scientific method is very important and a very helpful tool for solving many problems and answering different questions.

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