Efforts Done by Malaysian Government in Implementing National Vision Policy

Topics: Economy, Economic growth, Economics Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: December 15, 2009

An order from government had been instructed in order to set up the implementation coordination machinery so that the aim of OPP3 will be achieved parallel with vision 2020. In order to fasten the process of planning, implementation and monitoring the project that need electronic report, the Project Monitoring System II under E-Government will be used. The monitoring aspect as well as the analytical policy evaluation and development project are important to ensure that government development plan will be implemented consistently at all level and eventually achieve the objectives of National Vision Policy.

The implementation of OPP3 will begin with Eighth Malaysian Plan whereby it will emphasize on national development towards the year 2020. The implementation of development plan in the new era requires more effective implementation coordination machinery due to globalization and liberalization, as well as information communication technology (ICT).

Therefore the main strategies that will be implemented through implementation coordination machinery to overcome the challenges faced by our country are as follow: a) Maintain the strong macroeconomics management and increase economic growth based on knowledge, for example k-economy; b) Strengthen the productivity growth through knowledge and skill of the workers as well as improving the research and development (R&D) and science and technology (S&T), for example k-workers, R&D; c) Coordinate programs and distribution strategies to ensure equal participation among ethnic groups, income level and territory, for example in distributing national wealth; d) Improve competitiveness by fastening the shift of the main economic sector the more efficient production process with more value-added, for example from agriculture sector to industrial sector; e) Widen the application of ICT in all economic sectors in order to accelerate the...
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