“Efficient and Effective, Organizational Operations Will Require Good Management, Effective Communication, Conductive and Safe Working Environment”. Discuss the Above Statement with Relevant Explanation and Examples. (40marks)

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In this modern world, all of the successful organizations around the world are participating in the rat race to determine who comes up on top. While this active competitiveness encourages organizations to learn and grow from each other’s successes as well as failures, the managers of these organizations need to keep the organizations efficient and effective. In order to achieve this goal, managers need good management skills, effective communication, conductive and safe working environment.

The terms efficiency and effectiveness are often linked together but in reality the meaning of these terms are quite different. Efficiency can be defined as executing a process in the correct manner where as effectiveness is defined as the proper method of execution. An organization can only opt for being either one of these thing and not both simultaneously. For example, an organization that produces pagers as a mode of communication is successful in producing the most advanced pager in the market and the supplier and the production teams have an excellent working method. The pagers are delivered ahead of schedule at the lowest possible cost. The organization is very efficient. However the organization and its strategic personnel are not effective as the demand for pagers dropped with the introduction of mobile phones. If they had been effective, they would have anticipated the change in trend and the needs of the consumers.


An organization that is focused on being effective has to ensure the employees of the organization are well taken care of. This responsibility falls upon manager as the middle-level management staff. Managers serve as a buffer between the top management and the employees as such it is their initiative that allows the organization to succeed.

The employees need to be motivated to produce the maximum result. Most managers often make the mistake of assuming that monetary incentive is the one aspect required by the...
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