Effects on Socio-Economic Behaviour on Youth of India Working for Bpo Sector

Topics: Business process outsourcing, Business process, Business process outsourcing in India Pages: 4 (1175 words) Published: December 1, 2009
Executive Summary
The topic of our Research would broadly include the changes & the reasons behind the changes in the Socio – Economic behavioral aspects, Lifestyle and mindset of the youth (of India) working in the Business Process Outsourcing / ITES Sectors of India. However, the challenges involved in relation to the Work Culture of BPO/Call Centers is quite high, e.g., – odd working hours, constant competition & pressure from higher management, high stress over handling customers, constant changes in targets, pressure of delivering high performance, etc. Furthermore, the problem properly magnifies or augments when it comes to the socio-economic implications that these parameters have, the effect on lifestyle of modern day Indian youth e.g.., increased addiction to smoking, drinking, gradual behavioral changes, feeling of social alienation, acute depression syndrome, psychological disorientation, question over job security, on the job frustration, stagnancy in career progression, frequent tendencies of job changing etc. Problem Statement

Primarily, our research paper would answer or try to answer the question- How is working in BPO/Call Centers affecting the social behavior, lifestyle and mindset of the current youth of India? Research Objectives

Literature Review
India is one of the world’s foremost BPO hubs. The size of the Indian BPO industry as of 2005 was $5.7 billion with a phenomenal growth rate of 44.4%. With robust security practices and emphasis being laid on developing trust with clients, the BPO sector in India is on a roll. The best part of this industry is that it is not just concentrated in big cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and all the other Tier I cities but also in Tier II cities like Nashik, Mangalore and even in rural areas. Targeting undergraduates and those who are in their late twenties, BPOs are currently one of the major sources of employment for the Indian youth....
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