Effects on Aquatic Habitat and Fish Communities

Topics: Fisheries, Marine biology, Overfishing Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: September 7, 2008
1.0Background of the Study
In New South Wales, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is responsible for execution of the Fisheries Management Act 1994. As such, DPI functions to maintain and protect aquatic habitats through sound and effective habitat management. The agency recognizes that sustaining an abundant marine life is challenge especially when there are natural and man-made threats to aquatic habitats and fauna communities. DPI identifies three of the leading threats to fish habitats such as urban development and the growing demography; agriculture, urban and industrial developments in estuarine areas and land use. These threats impact mangroves, seagrass, saltmarsh and coastal lagoon communities which serve as refuge to marine species. Land clearing, dredging, agriculture, reclamation and estuarial developments as well as removal of riparian vegetation, increased sediments, nutrients and pollutants in riverbanks and beds and the removal of organic matter from rivers causes the decline in the population of fish species. Other marine dilemmas include acid sulfate soils, barriers to fish passage, climate change, cold water pollution, fish kills, pests and diseases, removal of large woody debris and structures that modify natural water flow.

2.0Statement of the Problem
The achievement of the subsistence of fishery is main issue here. What the local government of New South Wales as well as the local people of MacDonald Valley and Wollombi Brook Areas is doing in protecting and sustaining fish biomass, seabed habitats, sustainable harvesting and exploitation of marine stocks and expanding fish population is critical. Sustainable fisheries management and habitat management would be the key in combating the threats to fish habitats as endowed by human activities and natural disasters. What are fishing disturbances in the areas that contribute in interrupted production and eventual decline in populace would be another issue to deal with....
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