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Effects Of K Pop

By g-tect Apr 25, 2015 435 Words
Positive effects:
it showed me different cultures around the world. and opened my curiosity for history.

Listening to k-pop music has a good effect in the Philippines. One of it is when Korean musicians come to the Philippines to have a concert, the Philippines earn taxes from it. In this, the economy of the Philippines rises up from the foreign musicians that come to the Philippines. Another is that when Korean musicians go to the Philippines then go back to Korea, they introduce the beautiful scenic spots in the Philippines. In this, the number of tourist that visits the Philippines increases. Lastly, it helps the Filipinos to be open with different culture. Filipinos learns about their beliefs and principles in life but they should not forget their own culture.

Negative effects:
Being a mixed genre, K-Pop consists of pop, dance as well as rock music, all of which are fused to bring out that the electric feel that K-Pop has. K-Pop has largely grown into a subculture of sorts in South Korea, having a great influence over the fashion and style across the country. Because of the attitude of the Filipinos that is easily to be influenced of foreign marketing, the Korean Culture products poses a negative effect on the Philippine entertainment industry since it is a threat to the local entertainment since and to the Filipino identity in its own cultural products. Perhaps the Philippines can learn from Korea in this sense. fackerr

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our own music is dying.. support OPM! ban kpop and other lollipops... support good music..

There are also negative effects of k-pop music in the Philippines. One of it is the decreasing sales of OPM. The OPM singers are really affected of the popularity of k-pop music in the Philippines. This affects the music industry in the Philippines. Another is the copying of the Filipinos of the culture from the Korean culture. Nowadays, Filipino teens copy the styles of the Koreans. Filipinos copy the hairstyles and the outfits of the Korean artists. They also try to imitate the daily doings of their Korean idols. Lastly, the Filipinos acknowledge more the foreign products than the local products in the Philippines. In this, the Filipinos forget to support the local products that a Filipino should not do.

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