Effects of Worrying

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Illinois Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Worrying Can Age You Prematurely
Casual Analysis
Do we take the time to stop and smell the flowers rather than worry about them growing? Aging is already a rising concern; people around the world are starting to recognize worrying as the new biological clock. It seems as though no matter where you look- whether it be politics, media, or ev en simple everyday life, there will be people worrying. What people are unaware of is worrying too much can age you prematurely

Consider President Barack Obama for instance, election day he was looking young and in his prime ready to lead his people of the States. Look at him today and you will notice his vivid grey hair and run- down wrinkled face. It is pretty obvious Obama was overstressed, overworked, and never took the time to take care of his youthfulness. Affected by enormous pressure, Obama now faces the fact of aging and embraces his new aged look, than again he did know it came with his line of work All together though, it seems as if the whole world is doing nothing but worrying, starting up a million dollar industry to help reduce, or tame the realities of stress. All you have to do is watch the TV, read the news, or even just go to work, and there are reminders about not to get too stressed. With all these ads pulling us into a stress-free life, are we beginning to worry now more than ever? Studies have shown that worrying is the route of stress and helps speed the process of aging, adding a few extra, or a lot of extra years to your already aging body, all depending on your lifestyle.

When we are stressed out, our facial expressions are usually quite tense and hard on the elasticity in our skin, increasing the wrinkles and saggy lines excessively over time. Worrying gets us all worked up inside with things like adrenalin, hormones, blood pressure,, ect…, and we are blind to see we are increasing our level of electro-lights at the same time. Electro-lights are tiny particles our bodies...
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