Effects of Water Solutions in Plant Growth

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Plants are affected by different substances that come into contact with them. These effects may be good or bad. There are certain substances such as fertilizers, which have a positive effect on the growth of certain plants, more specifically pechay (Brassica rapa variety chinensis). Pechay is commonly used in cooking in Filipino households. It requires little attention as it is a very hardy plant. It is rich in vitamins A, C, K, and fiber as well, which are all good for our bodies. They grow best in cold seasons. The group selected this study so that they can test the effects of certain mixtures or substances such as water and salt, water and sugar, water and powdered milk, against the effects of water only. The group wanted to find out if these substances would benefit or cause damage to the plants. Statement of Problem

“Can varying solutions enhance the growth of pechay?” Hypothesis
The problem under study is whether different kinds of solutions (such as water and salt, water and sugar, water and milk) will affect the growth of plants. Their objectives are:
* To determine which solution will benefit pechay plants. * To make a homemade, effective fertilizer instead of buying expensive ones

Significance of the Study
Since agriculture is one of the main sources of income for the people in the country, the researchers would want to determine if water mixtures would affect the growth of plants. Their study about the different mixtures, such as water with sugar, water with salt, water with oil and water with soap affecting the growth of plants is significant because this study will educate the people of the things that they do not want to water their plants with. If this study is successful, the researchers will be able to inform the people on how they can make their plants grow faster and the substances that would harm them. Through this experiment, we might be able to find ways of increasing the growth of the plants found in our garden. Scope and Limitations

The researchers will try to determine whether different substances (water with salt, sugar, powdered milk or water only) will affect the growth of the plants. They will be allotting 2 months for us to see if the water mixtures namely water with salt, sugar, and powdered milk can affect the growth of plants. The plants in trial 1 will be receiving enough sunlight while trial 2 will not be receiving enough sunlight, watered equally and have a control set up so that we can compare the results after the time allotted for the experiment. They will not be spending as much because most of the products they will be using are found at home. They will be having a Php. 500 budget to buy materials that we will need but couldn’t find them at our houses. The independent variable will include the plants we used in testing, water with the mixtures. The dependent variable will be the result of dealing with or experimenting the independent/experimental variable. In this case, it will be the amount of sugar, salt, and powdered milk that they will mix with the water to see if these will affect the Pechay plant we will be using for our experiment. Their controlled variable will consist of the pechay plant and water.

Review of Related Literature
Tap Water on Plants
Tap water is good for plants that need water with chlorine in it, spring water is good for carnivorous plants in order for them to grow, and bottled water is good for plants like cactuses that need mineral water to grow. Sugar on Plants

Plants require three essentials, light, water and nutrients to thrive and produce optimum yield. Plants naturally produce sugars, such as glucose and sucrose. These sugars are needed to produce energy, promote growth and aide in the processes of respiration and transpiration. Sugar can also be introduced to a plant through watering to enhance...
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