Effects of Waste Disposal

Topics: Radioactive waste, Waste, Pollution Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: December 10, 2010
The Effects of Improper Disposal of Waste
By Eric Dontigney, eHow Contributor
Waste disposal falls into three general categories: non-hazardous, hazardous and nuclear waste disposal. Non-hazardous waste includes household or office waste such as food, product containers, and waste that can be recycled. Hazardous waste includes industrial and residential chemicals, petroleum products and heavy metals. Nuclear waste may include spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor, medical nuclear waste or equipment used to handle radioactive materials. Improper disposal of waste can have serious effects. Non-hazardous Waste

1.The term non-hazardous waste is something of a misnomer--it simply means that the waste does not meet certain measures of hazard. Non-hazardous waste can still have negative impacts on human health and the environment since it nevertheless decays, harboring significant amounts of bacteria and posing serious health risks to humans. Decomposing food waste can alter ecosystems by altering the eating patterns of local animals and polluting water and soil. Hazardous Waste

2.Hazardous waste is inherently dangerous to living creatures, damaging soil and water and killing local wildlife and fish; it can also affect crop growth and whether the produce can still be safely eaten. Heavy metal waste can have serious neurological effects if consumed or absorbed through the skin, and can contribute to the development of cancer, respiratory problems, neurological and developmental disorders and birth defects. Radioactive Waste

3.Radioactive waste represents what is, to many, the most frightening type of toxic waste. The negative effects of exposure to higher levels of radiation are well known, with cancer and death being the most obvious. In the case of improper disposal or storage of high level nuclear waste, the environmental risks are severe. Radioactivity cannot be purged; rather, it must dissipate over time, with high levels often taking thousands of years....
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