Effects of War on Morality and Religion of a Person

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Most people in the world have experienced the effects caused by war. War causes negative effects on religion, moral values, death and destruction of properties. The morality of war has become a debatable issue in the modern society. This is because of the adverse effects caused by war. Morality in the society is determined by the behavior and character of an individual. For example, society appreciates people having good behaviors as they are viewed as morally right. The society condemns people who have bad behavior as they are not morally right.

Morality is made up of several elements like beliefs, values. Morality is important in the society as it determines the character of members in the community. Religion refers to the belief and worship of god and any other system of belief and worship. Various societies have different religions. People value religion much and they fight to preserve their religion. War has negative effects on morality and religion. It affects morality and religion in the society and destroys them. This paper analyzes the effect of war on religion and morality of a person. Effects of war on religion

Most religions have viewed war negatively (Argyle, 2003).The religions do not appreciate consequences caused by war like destruction of religion and death. Most people claim that war has no much effect on religion because religion fuel wars (Argyle, 2003). This is not true because religion does not support the concept of war as it is morally wrong. People have associated war with religion as they claim religious leaders preach differences in faith and this leads to war (Argyle, 2003). In contrast war in the society is caused by various aspects. War in the society can be caused by ethnicity, hatred and economic and political factors.

War has adverse effects on religion. War has effects on the church and the individuals. First, war leads to loose of faith held by various believers (Ausenda, 2002). This is because believers are exposed to various incidents that affect their faith. Most believers have strong relationship with God before war, but it weakens with time (Ausenda, 2002). During war time people are killed and other people are made to suffer and get injured. Believers get affected by the incidents evidenced in war (Ausenda, 2002). For example, believers get traumatized during war activities and they end up loosing their faith. The faith of the believer declines as people continue to fight. Most people get scared and fear to disclose their religion during war time (Argyle, 2003). This leads to decline in faith held by the believer (Ausenda, 2002).

A recent research on effect of war on religion reveals that believer’s faith weakens as one is continuously exposed to war (Ausenda, 2002). It also weakens when one looses loved ones during war time. Another effect of war is that believers loose religious beliefs and values. Most people forget religious teaching during war (Ausenda, 2002). This is because they want to revenge and kill. Most communities will always put aside religious beliefs and values during war and continue to fight (Argyle, 2003). This affects other believers who are close to the victims affected. It also affects religious teaching as people do not follow what is taught by various religions (Ausenda, 2002).

In addition, war leads to discrimination among religious leaders and churches (Ausenda, 2002). Most researchers argue that, the church is the major cause of war. This is because various religious groups differ in terms of beliefs (Ausenda, 2002). Different religions have different teaching that believers follow (Meriman, 2007). Religion opposes war like the French war. The French war was a series of wars that took place in France for almost 36 years. The war involved various political groups (Meriman, 2007). Believers in the catholic and protestant churches fought hard to control the effects of war (Ausenda, 2002). The French war led to discrimination...
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