Effects of War

Topics: World War II, Hawaii, Empire of Japan Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: October 26, 2014
In the World War II, Japan entered the military alliance known as “Axis” after signing the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy. Japan, with an ambition to displace the United States as the dominant Pacific power, thus attacked United States on December 7, 1941, with Pearl Harbor as the location of the attack. Set in the Pacific during World War II, Eyes of the Emperor (2005) by Graham Salisbury gives an untold perspective of Japanese American armies who had to deal with the fact that people of their ancestors were attacking their nation. Moreover, they got a very racist treatment from their fellow soldiers for being Japanese Americans. War creates fear and frustration that leads people to think and behave aggressively and illogically. Dollard et al. (1939) suggests that aggression and frustration gestate when circumstances obstruct the completion of a task. Supporting this conclusion, Miller (1941) states that frustration produces a number of different types of behavioral responses, one of which aggression. When the first bomb dropped on Pearl Harbor, both Americans and Japanese Americans were shocked. However, since the attacker was of Japanese, Japanese Americans were belittled. Americans see Japanese Americans as their enemy as Cobra read on the newspaper: “The prospect that enemy aliens and persons of Japanese ancestry will be removed therefrom is good common sense.” (Eyes of the Emperor, page 90) They cleared out some of their lands from Japanese Americans to reduce the possibility of intruders even though most Japanese Americans hold US nationality. This action is considered as an aggression caused by frustration of the war. Japanese American soldiers were given the least chance to defend US as their nation. In the novel, Cobra, one of the characters, told his fellow soldiers, “to them we all look like Hirohito. They see us, they see the guys in those planes dropping bombs on them. We got eyes of the Emperor. They scared of us. Scared.” (Eyes of the...

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