Effects of Vices to a Student in (Name a Particular School)

Topics: Question, Interrogative word, Scientific method Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Effects of vices to students in (name a particular school)
Fadri, Mherinel
Metila, Bean
Tanguin, Marielle
Effects of vices to students in (name a particular school)
General Problem:
This research aims to study the effects of vices to students in HCJM and the diseases that they could contract because of this. Particularly, the study aims to answer the following questions: * Among these vices, which one/s do students use?

* What are the effects of vices to the students of HCJM with regards to academics, socialization, health and emotions? Significance:
This study will be beneficial to…
* Students – because this will make them realize the flaws of vices and widens their knowledge about the effects that it could contract to them. * Parents – because this will help them manage their children on how they should treat them while their children is in the state of using vice as a main solution. * Admin - because this will help them control the students in terms of their academics, health, socialization and emotions while they are not in a good state of using vice. * Other People – because they can avoid the people that will lead them to this kind of situation. Type of Research:

* The types of research that this study falls in are specific and qualitative. Specific in terms of satisfying the curiosity of the researchers and the students in HCJM about the vices and how this can affect to them. Qualitative, in order to understand the things they have experienced or will be experiencing that brings them to vices.

Research Instrument:
* This type of research instrument helps to gather information by means of… * Interview – having a one on one interview to the respondents that may be involve in using a vice. * Checklist – checking the appropriate answers that they want base on the given vices on the paper. * Observation - asking some available respondents in HCJM and see how they should react in every questions that we asks...
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