Effects of Tobacco

Topics: Tobacco, Nicotine, Cigarette Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: June 2, 2010
Effects of tobacco
The effects of tobacco on the body have been known about for 50 years but the public has only been aware of these effects for around 20 years. In that short time millions of people died because they did not know the risks involved with using tobacco. (Tobacco) Tobacco is not only bad for your lungs; it is bad for your mouth and throat, and can cause cancer in many areas of the body. Tobacco is a well grown crop that is dried then made into a form of cigarettes, cigars, or chew. Seventy to ninety days after transplantation most tobacco is harvested. (Tobacco) Although Tobacco industry and commercial sales started around 1612, history shows the use of tobacco by Native Americans prior to this time. (Tobacco) Today, tobacco is a major money maker in the United States. Tobacco production is how most farmers make their living. In the 1980’s 7 million tons of tobacco was grown, and 3 and a half trillion cigarettes where sold. On average most tobacco users spend $800 a year on tobacco products, but medical researchers spend $16 billion a year to research related diseases.(what’s so) More people in the United States die from the use of cigarettes than alcohol, suicide, homicide, aids, and illegal drugs. The use of tobacco products reduces performance and productivity. A smokers average life expectancy is 8 years shorter that that of a non-smoker. On average 3000 people die a year because secondhand smoke. Children who are exposed to second hand usually cough and wheeze a lot. Second hand smoke proves to be extremely harmful to infants and newborns. To keep your family safe, staying in smoke free environments is the only way to be smoke free and not get second hand smoke. Every organ is harmed when tobacco is used. Other short term effects would involve the malfunction of the kidneys, stomach, and lungs. If a person uses tobacco has great risk of cardiac death, and users who have history of heart problems are at even greater risk. It has been...
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