Effects of Thomas Edison

Topics: Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: December 12, 2013
Edison created Modern society.
Today, we are living in so-called high-technology ages. We can control our daily life only by a finger and it has become real that we just imagine in a dream. Modern society’s people made a great advance in each social field. There are many contributors to the development of today’s society. Most of all, Thomas Edison might be greatest contributor. Thanks to his inventions, we can enjoy amenity, and economically develop our social level. 1.Edison and Telephone.

As some people know, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone firstly but Bell’s Telephones was very incompleteness. Edison improves it and then his invention became popular. That is him the one who construct modern telephone system. The telephone reduces the time that need to communicate each other. There is no need to consume much time to communicate with people who living far away. We can talk with friends at our home. As a result, we are able to spare the time to economic activity.It was marvelous innovation, and modern people got to greet big economic growth.

2. Edison and Projector.
Through his projector, we can watch movies with a big screen. After invention of projector, many directors could produce films specialized to the big screen. It was soon extended to a cultural enterprise, and became the basis of booming movie industry. Edison’s projector created a new economy industry field. If Edison didn’t invent the projector, we can’t enjoy our culture life.

3. Edison and Light bulb.
A light bulb is one of the best inventions of Edison. It totally changed human’s life. Today, we, modern people, don’t care whether day or night when we are studying, eating, playing and so on. Before light bulb was invented, humans stayed up all night with candle light. It was very limited to do some activity. Unlike in the past, we can live a stable life regardless of time. As a result of invention of light bulb, our limited activity hour was extended from half a day...
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