Effects of the Columbine Massacre

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Joseph Price

Effects of the Columbine Massacre

On April 20, 1999 twelve students and one teacher were viciously gunned down inside the hallways of a suburban high school in Littleton, Colorado. Because of this day many school systems across the nation have taken a more aggressive approach in ensuring the safety of students and faculty alike. Since the Columbine Massacre of April 1999 school systems have focused more on improving security techniques to try to prevent a recurrence of that tragic incident. Many schools across the nation have installed metal detectors at entrances to deter students from bringing weapons such as guns and knives into the facilities. There has also been an increased presence of police officers patrolling schools in an effort to try to ward off any wrongdoing before it’s started. It’s only natural that with the increase in security measures that a change in school policies would follow. Schools also began enforcing tougher policies on their students as sort of a preemptive strike. In some school districts students are only allowed to carry clear backpacks while many others don’t allow backpacks at all. Uniform policies were also implemented around the country with hopes of preventing students from wearing clothing that may suggest some type of gang affiliation or any type of non-academic social clubs or groups. On the whole none of these practices will be effective without more personal awareness and parental control. Parents need to become more involved with their children’s activities. We as adults should take time out of our day to show our kids that we are concerned about the things they endure on a daily basis. I believe that if the kids felt that their parents cared more about them a lot of the negative things kids do would be eradicated.
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