Effects of the American Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, United States, Southern United States Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: October 11, 2010
From 1861 to 1865 the United States was embroiled in an internal conflict that divided the country. This conflict fundamentally changed the life of people of both the South and the North. It upheld the unification of the state and abolished the slavery. Lasting impact had been made on American society. For decades after the war, Northern Republicans "waved the bloody shirt," brought up wartime casualties as an electoral tactic. Memories of the war and Reconstruction held the segregated the South together as a Democratic block—the "Solid South"—in national politics for another century. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s had its neoabolitionist roots in the failure of Reconstruction. Ghosts of the conflict still persist in America. A few debates surrounding the legacy of the war continue, especially regarding memorials and celebrations of Confederate heroes and battle flags. The question is a deep and troubling one: Americans with Confederate ancestors cherish the memory of their bravery and determination, yet their cause is also tied to the history of African American slavery. The war displayed the great power of the contemporary industry. The two sides equipped themselves with the latest military weapons, which accelerate the development of modernized war. It was the first time in the history that both sides used armor ships, landmines, torpedoes and submarines. What’s more, the railway and telegram played very important roles in the war, which was also the first time that train was used as an implement of the war. From then on, the train was widely used as a transportation to serve people on every aspect. 2.Structure

The Civil War was a national redefinition. It was America’s critical moment and a turning point in the history of America. The results of the war were far greater than the Union victory. The Civil War affected the political, economic, social and cultural ideologies of the United States and these changes affected...
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