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effects of television for children

By Jessica-Quigley Sep 22, 2013 1590 Words

The Effects of Television for Children

The Effects of Television for Children
Most people own a television, and many households have multiple television sets in their homes. Television is an American is more than just a pass time, but is part of our lifestyle. If we were to stop and think about when we started watching television, then when that would have been? For many of us it was when we were children. As we grow we have started to look at the effects that television has on children. For several years, the subject has been debated onwither it is good or bad for children to watch television. Television can cause behavior problems, influence rude behavior, create a dependent relationship to the television. Television can also help reduce the self-confidence of children; they can become less interactive as well as less active. Television has developed a negative reputation for children, but is it all bad? Televisions can also effects on manors with children. It can help with developing minds. Since the introduction of Sesame Street in 1969, producers, educators, and researchers have worked together and in parallel to create and evaluate the impacts of educational TV. ----- “(Linebarger & Piotrowski, 2010,, para. ).Television, like many other aspects have both good and bad effects so let’s take a look into them. Television is a large part of our society and plays a big role in our children. Have we stopped to think about how television affects our children or do we just accept television as a part of our lives. In today’s society fifty one percent of households have the television on most of the time. This means that children are exposed to television on a regular basis. What effects does it have on children? Watching television has been linked to behavior problems for children.“ Even though kids are taught by their parents that it's not right to hit, television says it's OK to bite, hit, or kick if you're the good guy.” Dowshen, MD (1995-2012). There are many television shows that are for children that help to influence behavior in children. With some television shows it showcases bullies and rude people and actions. I have seen some television programs designed for children that show other kids picking on children or making fun of other children. These shows are intended for humor and are not exactly intended to teach a lesson, but they make people laugh. Children associate laughter as a good action, laughing indicates happiness . So when there is laughter on television program from a bully doing something mean, then children associate this as a behavior that they can do to get a positive reaction. Another negative behavior that television can have on children is the fact that children become dependent. They get used to certain shows or certain times that is television time. They can start to act out when they are not allowed to watch the show. Television can effect a childes desire to pay attention to anything else that is going on besides the television show. When a child gets into a show or watches television for a long period of time they get to a point where it is hard to get their attention on something else. With the ability to watch television at their own will and desire it can take away their desire to interact with others. Television can start to take place of human interaction, with playing pretend, going outside to play or get fresh air, or reading a book. Children will start to think that the television characters are their friends and feel that they are interacting with the television, this is not healthy children need to be able to create their own imaginations. Television has many different effects on children’s behavior as well as other aspects.

Television is a place that we can escape into our own world and this is also true for children. Children get to go into a world of make believe where they get to create friends and image. With this it can affect their desire to make actual friends. When children get so involved with their television shows and the characters that are in them, it can cause them to want to stay involved with their favorite show. This will cause children to want to stay inside and not be excited for human interaction. Too much exposure to television will limit the time that children are able to go play outside and learn to interact with others. It cans cause children to feel awkward in social setting that are not with television. This can be harmful for younger children who have to learn how to go into a school setting. Children that spend their time watching television start to feel comfortable on the couch going to their world of make believe, but too much involvement can cause children to feel that it is the only place that they are able to have an imagination. Children will have harder times interacting with group settings in schools, and may cause them to have a harder time in making friends when they are in school. This is an important part of the learning and growing development of children. It can be seen with children and video games on the television, they can spend all day playing video games and looking at a television screen, that when I ask them to go outside they say that there is nothing to do. I feel that children being able to watch television without guidance hinder their ability to learn how to entertain themselves and how to be involved with other people in a social setting.

Television is not always a negative tool, despite its harsh reputations, it should also be known that television can help children. There are some television programs that can promote children’s brain development. There are television shows that teach children how to use manners. There are cartoon characters that teach children how to say please and thank you. Television can help children to share their toys. For young preschool children the transition to sharing and interacting with others can be hard, with some of the television programs that are designed for children of these ages it can help. Children get to see the positive effects and reactions of others when the cartoon characters share with their friends. Children see these actions and it gets embedded in their minds. “When children can process and comprehend visual and verbal TV symbols, they will be able to organize, store, and relate this information to prior knowledge. Acquired knowledge and behavior are then used to influence a child’s actions” (Linebarger & Piotrowski, 2010,, para. ). Children’s television programs on the right channels can promote learning and help to stimulate their minds. Television shows that are made with little children in mind tend to be geared in getting the child involved and their brains thinking. Studies have shown that this is a great way to help children learn to count. My child watched Dora the Explorer and she learned to count to ten in Spanish and English. Television shows that are intended for toddlers usually learning in mind. They ask questions to the child to keep the child involved in the show and help them to interact. Television shows for children can teach children colors and help them to see them around in their surroundings. There are also shows that teach children how to do basic math skills. The television can be used to help fuel a child’s mind so that they can learn to think independently. They have television shows that teach children about animals and other countries. It is also a way to share cultures of different areas around the world. For many people, traveling around the world with children is not an option. Having television shows that allow children to view different parts of the world and see how people live is a great learning tool for children. It is important to understand that there are good ways to use television as well as the negative effects if not used properly. Television and the effects that it has on children seem to have a negative reputation. It seems that when looking at the impact that television has on children, we automatically think of the negative influences of television. We are quick to blame television on rude behavior and other behavior problems in children. We think that it helps to cause children to be lazy and inactive. There are many effects that television can have on children, but it is not always negative. We need to also look at the good that television can bring. Television can be a learning tool that helps shape our young minds. It helps to teach younger children how to interact with others. Television van help to get children engaged and excited to learn. Television has been proven to effect children, but not in every case is it negative.


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