Effects of Teenage Depression

Topics: Adolescence, Educational psychology, Peer group Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Good morning to teacher and my fellow classmates. Today I would like to share with you all about topic on teenage depression.

  Teenage depression happens when a teenager believes they’re stuck in a corner and can’t do anything about it. They can’t talk to anyone because they’re scared that they’ll be labeled or their reputation will be hurt. Peer pressure is a big part of today’s young society. Teenagers want to be accepted and many will pretend to be somebody they are not. In some situations, they’ll take drugs and alcohol; involve themselves in criminal activity and skipping school because they want to have approval from their friends.

For some others teenagers, they are not only dealing with daily life, they are also dealing with demons that have been a part of their lives in one aspect or another. This can occurred due to abuse they have suffered when they were young, difficulty of not being part of the crowd in school, being bullied at school, and even an assault that may have happened to them by someone they trusted.

Parents should be aware of the following signs of teenagers who had depression such as teenagers having negative thoughts and feelings; difficulty in making decisions, negative behavior occurs and marked personality changed. There are some steps that can be learned by parents to manage teenage blues such as don't try to pressure your child to do something they don't want to, accept who they are, be a kind presence and become an active listener to them and understand their concerns.

I hope that through today sharing, it helps us to realize we should find ways or helps from our parent, teacher or friend for their assistance so that we can live our life full of happiness and with a bright future.
Thanks again for the opportunity to share and also your kind attention.
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