Effects of Technology

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The Effects of Technology
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The information technology role in business is of great importance, it enables businesses to effectively and successfully plan, manage, and execute strategies that lead to greater profits and more success. The impact of information technology on business is continuing to rise as more advancements are developed and implemented into various business practices. The way that business is done has forever been changed with the advancements and will continue to evolve as technology does. From e-mail to online learning and training to e-commerce and cloud computing, the evolution of information technology has affected all areas of a business’s operations. The information technology choices that an organization makes have long-lasting impacts on operations and the overall success. The use of information technology is inevitable, the type of organization or product produced doesn’t seem to matter, and technology must be used to stay efficient, be competitive and generate the greatest profits for success. Significance of Information Technology

Information technology affects how businesses manufacture and market their products, how they generate new business and how they compete with competitors. The IT solutions that organizations use range from personal computers and computer software to production robotics to communication technology. These technologies have changed the way that people communicate to how they accomplish their jobs. The face of business is continually changing with the advancements in information technology with specialized software shaping best practices and industry standards for all types of businesses. Information Technology and Production

Implementing information technologies’ advancements into production process has been a great advantage to production companies. The advancements have allowed modern companies to make great strides in their operational efficiencies and the effectiveness of employees. The improvements to information technology in production and manufacturing processes have been evolving for a long period of time. The first advancements society saw was the introduction of the assembly line and then with automated robots and computer controlled machinery to work certain jobs in manufacturing plants. These advancements allowed companies to dramatically increase the volume of good they were able to produce and manufacture. E-Commerce

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one of the most significant evolutions of information technology in the business world today. It has become a new way of conducting business for many companies. It has affected many of the largest areas of a business’s operations including communications, finance and retail operations. It implies the seamless application of information and communication technology along the entire value chain of a business that is conducted electronically. As the internet has evolved and become a necessity for a business’s operations, e-commerce has expanded rapidly into a fast-moving, open global market with an ever increasing number of participants. The open nature of e-commerce is likely to increase market size and change market structure, both in terms of the number of players and the way in which players compete in markets. Consumers are able to shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of their own homes, and they have multiple choices to shop from that were not available to them before. This adds a new and exciting element for many consumers as they are now able to shop from stores that geographically were not available for them prior to the evolution of e-commerce. Decreasing Geographic Distances

With the evolution of technology and advancements in communications, the geographic distance that was an obstacle for both businesses and consumers is becoming smaller and smaller. The importance of distance used to be at the top of concerns for many...
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