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The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession
Information Technology (IT)
Information systems has changed the accounting profession in numerous ways. The most obvious impact of this technology in accounting is the presence of computers, printers, scanners and faxes. Information technology (IT) transformed the accounting world to a pin and paperless place. This is great because the prices are affordable on most of the equipment. It is awesome because small business and non- profit organizations can get IT equipment easily and at a reasonable cost. The machines are sophisticated, fast and easy to use which is ideal for small and large corporations. Besides the equipment, accountants appreciate the new software. For example, what has become highly efficient are the spread sheet programs these help accountants with calculations and reports. Many accounting programs in the market are easy to use and affordable, making them very popular with small businesses. This software has help accountants in their daily tasks, such as paying bills, recording transactions and reports. The program keeps all data organized and in a centralized location. (Information technology is used widely in accounting security. Identifications and passwords limit access to confidential information. Instead of binders and papers lying around, security can be greatly enhanced with the proper computer programs. Using a program, accounting information can be encrypted in a way to prevent unauthorized use, making it quite safe. A lost, stolen or misplaced laptop or desktop computer can be tracked using security software that can be activated remotely. Intuit: QuickBooks Online) New Information Technologies

Businesses use mass emails to disseminate information to employees. For example, the Mail Merge function in Microsoft Outlook can send an email to multiple recipients. Unlike a physical bulletin board in the workplace, businesses can use email to disseminate information to anyone...
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