Effects of Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, World Wide Web, Cellular network Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: May 2, 2008
Effects of Technology: The Use of Cell Phones

By: Sirena K. Banks

Technology is the application of tools and methods: the study, development, and application of devices, machines, and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes (World English dictionary, 2007). It is used through out the world. There have been technical changes for almost every device ever made. Besides the computer, the cell phone has changed dramatically. Every age group from adolescents to adults has been affected by the “cell phone plague”. The way cell phones are made today you can do just about anything with them; you can talk, send text messages, take pictures, video record, voice record, listen to radio, download and play Mp3’s, surf the internet etc. the possibilities are almost endless. Cell phones play a big role in Americans life today; they are the cause of death, lives being saved and being the biggest new trend in the world.

Cell phones have become one of the tools in solving crimes and saving lives. It was stated in the daily targum that the Rutgers University Police Department and the National Safety Campaign has encouraged students, staff and faculty to put the word ICE (In Case of Emergency) in their cell phones with and emergency number under it. (Daily targum). By doing this if something happens to you the authorities would be able to reach family members quickly especially if it’s a life or death situation and they need approval for something. Cell phones have been known to be used in kidnappings even if the phones is not activated it still can be used, all cell phones have a 911 emergency dial and it can be traced if the police can keep you on the phone long enough.(Cellular Phone News).

Cell phones like any other thing in life have cons to it, they have caused death. Because of society today people have a stigma that they cant live without their phone? Most people can’t function through out the day without their phone; and because of that...

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