Effects of Technology

Topics: Medicine, Effect, Mobile phone, Obesity, Affect, Major / Pages: 6 (1260 words) / Published: Jan 28th, 2013
English 091-040
4 December 2012
Effects of Technology in our world I. Introduction: State your plan for the Introduction paragraph
* Changes in technology over the years
* Why we depend on technology so much
* How much we rely on technology
Thesis statement: In today’s world, as technology is advancing around us, some of the major effects that can be seen are medical technology advances, ease of communication with the growing technology, and the negative effects on our body.

II. Body 1: Topic sentence: As today’s technology is changing, some of the most major effects of it are superior advances in the medical field.

A. Tissue Engineering B. Monitoring Systems C. Medical Procedures III. Body 2: Topic sentence: Next, as technology keeps growing around us, we are seeing an increase of computers, smart phones, and entertainment options that change the world with how we communicate, get informed, and ways to keep entertained; it’s becoming easier and more convenient to stay in touch with people regardless of where they may be located.

A. Computers – ways we keep entertained B. Smart Phones – ways we communicate C. Entertainment / News – ways we get informed

IV. Body 3: Topic sentence: Another major effect of technology is that it gradually destroys our body and mind.

A. Laziness B. Obesity / Health issues C. Making us brainless V. Conclusion: State your plan for the concluding paragraph
* Effect on world in future
* How to prevent some effects
* Future of technology

English 091-40
29 November 2012
Effect of Technology Essay First Draft As technology has evolved over the years, so did the effect of technology on the world. Today’s technology has evolved from having phones without wireless connection and internet being something very scarce to an average household to now being available in almost anywhere in the world. As technology grows, we are into the

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