Effects of Techno Music

Topics: Rave, Techno, Electronic music Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Rave It!
Have you ever had a catchy tune that you can not get out of your head? Techno is one of those catchy tunes that get stuck in my head all the time. It has sounds that no instrument can imitate. “Techno has come a long since the 80’s throw the early 90’s especially in Detroit”(Sounds like Techno). Here in California it has just mainstreamed in to a lot of radio play and exposure. Once you tune on the radio you will hear some sort of Techno music or in other words electronic. It has changed the way people get together to dance, dress, and the music that we listen.

Raves or Electronic concerts as some people may call it are the way that people are getting together to listen to music and to dance. People go to raves to have fun and just to get away from their regular life. Electro Daisy Carnival (EDC) is one of the biggest raves that used to happen in California and over 100,000 people attended this last year. The down part about raves is that it is commonly mistaken as a place to do drugs. Many people think all ravers do drugs at raves, but that’s not true. Many people go to raves to just have fun, meet new people, listen to the music and don’t do drugs and I am one of them. People think that raves are just a bunch of kids that are running around half naked on ecstasy because they hear this in the news but the news exaggerates. The age group that attends these electronic concerts is anywhere from 16 to 50 years of age, but

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you don’t see the older people on the front page of the newspaper you see a young person doing something crazy. Raves has brought forward a new culture that is mixed in with some of the culture from the past together.

Techno has brought a new culture in to the spotlight which is raving. Dancing helped bring the two distinguish cultures together. Most of the people at a rave if not all dance, they called the dance styles shuffle, jumpstyle and tectonic dancing. It is very unique and creative way of dancing...

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