Effects of Suburban Sprawl in Canadian Cities

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The Effects of Suburban Sprawl in Canadian
Annotated works cited.

Cox, W. (2004). Smart growth: threatening the quality of urban life. Halifax, Nova Scotia; Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

Smart growth policies do not yield the positive results that anti-suburbanites claim. In fact, the research contained in this book demonstrates that smart growth policies can have a negative effect on the health of a city. Portland, Oregon has the most aggressive smart growth policy in North America, because of this policy it has seen metro traffic rise exponentially. The economy of Portland has been decimated by a shortage in commercial land and housing prices have increased due to land rationing. This paper shows that qualities found in smart growth policies are not favourable to the residents living in them. Mass transit cannot replace automobiles. Increased traffic results in poor air quality, and many people simply do not wish to live within walking distance of their place of employment.

Winfield, M. (2004). Towards Implementation? Building Sustainable Urban Communities in Ontario. Toronto. Pembina Institute for Appropriate development.

Most of the development in Ontario has been centered around the region known as the Golden Horseshoe. This is an area of high employment with a growing population that does not show signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, the growth has resulted in the urban sprawl of cities. Suburban and industrial development spreads past the periphery of communities, consuming green space and agricultural space. Recently, the Ontario government has taken steps to reduce and redirect this growth in a more structured way. This study compares past government policies with recent legislation designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas and encourage smart growth. Action taken by the Ontario government in light of these new policies have resulted in the establishment of a green belt, brownfield re-development and improved...
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