Effects of Stress in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Psychology, Psychiatry Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Effects of stress in the workplace

There are two main outcomes of exposure to job stress

-The first type relates to energy depletion, which is emotional exhaustion and psychological distress -The second relates to motivational responses, which are job satisfaction, lowered morale, reduced personal accomplishment and depersonalisation (feeling personally detached from the job)

In terms of these factors there are real costs personally and to our business, which I am sure everyone here has noticed at some point.

energy depletion—over a prolonged period of time performance will be reduced because an individual’s energy resources will become depleted for example through emotional exhaustion

when a person is stressed there is increased error due to cognitive strain, so their performance at work with suffer,

in terms of the motivational responses, when these are reduced because of stress, not only is there a substantial loss of productivity, but it leads to absenteeism and if it continues it could cause high turnover in our business.

There is also emerging evidence that indicates that job stress is rapidly becoming the single greatest cause of work-related disease and injury.

Not only is there a cost to us as employers, it is obviously affecting our employees, and there are enormous and seriously negative impacts on worker health and well-being such as (cardiovascular disease, psychological distress, general mental health, depressive symptoms, psychiatric disorders, and suicide),

the family (work family conflict),

These are the main effects of stress in the workplace, and I’m sure that you will agree that we don’t want these is our organization, now I’m you understand the negative effects of stress I will now tell you about the benefits or reducing stress in the workplace

Benefits of reducing stress in the workplace

The benefits of reducing stress in the workplace will obviously relate to the negative impacts that I...
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