Effects of Smartphones

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Chapter 1
As of today teens are fervent communicators. In the current childhood and adulthood, they make ways to communicate frequently with a variety of important people in their lives such as their friends and peers, teachers, coaches, bosses, a myriad of other adults and institution and most specially the parents. This paper would examine the tools teens use to communicate, which is more specific to mobile phones or what is most known today as smartphones.

Most research showed that 83% of 11-18 years old now owns a smartphone and most teens stated that mobile is, “A way to always have media device at hand” and others would also say that “I can access I want, and what I want”. Teens between age 13 -17 are among the fastest adapters of smartphones, according to survey by Nielsen. In July 28 2011, 55% of teens according to survey said that they own a smartphone. Also in the same year it has been stated that out of 10 teenagers 6 of them already owns a smartphone.

Smartphones today is considered to be a handy computer. Smartphones combine the versatility of cell phones, gaming consoles, PDAs, and personal computers into one handheld device. A smartphone is really just a portable computer and the operating system that runs it can run most computer program. Smartphones not only allow you to store and play your entire collection of music, they allow you to download and watch movies and television shows. You can also download and listen to podcasts. You can also keep up with your reading using either an eBook reader, or the smartphone's ability to play audio books. Whether you're stuck at the airport, trapped in a traffic jam or bored in a business meeting, your favourite media is at your fingertips.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to owning a smartphone is the availability of thousands of small applications - called apps. A wide variety of apps can be downloaded from online stores, allowing you customize and personalize your phone. Games, photo utilities, online magazines and interactive reference apps can help enhance how you use your smartphone. Most apps must be purchased, but are inexpensive but several apps are free. Adding up to this is that there are so many different ways that you can communicate with smartphones that people would always be able to reach. In addition to phone calls and text messaging you can communicate through email, instant messaging and chat. Not only do you have more ways to communicate but you can do it more quickly and you can transfer much larger volumes of data than you could with a regular phone. This make it much easier to do you works with a smartphone.

Overall, the smartphone can benefit both the workplace and with yourselves as well. This phone technology allows user to stay connected to all their contacts and data no matter where they go, which is beneficial to all those people who benefit from convenience. Smartphone help keep people’s lives organized with their linked calendars and planners courtesy of their advance operating systems, which also cut down on the amount of physical organizer that users have to carry around. Background of the Study

The first smartphone was developed by IBM and BellSouth, which came out to the public in 1993. Dubbed as "The Personal Communicator", the IBM Simon was not only an early cell phone, had a touch screen interface but could e-mail, page, fax and had many basic features of later PDA's such as a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator and even a few games. IMB had big plans for the Simon, but they never really panned out. The phone, however, was likely just too advanced for its day. It included a touch screen, operated by stylus that would let you send and receive fax messages. But it also of course had a notepad, an email client and a calendar. Without a doubt, the Simon was the first smartphone, but it would retire before gaining fame. Ericsson was the first brand to actually coin the...
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