Effects of Sleep

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Coffee Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The Effects of Going Without Sleep
Remember back when Mom used to set bedtimes and we pretended to fall asleep? Well, many of us probably regret not taking advantage of that time. Today, many Americans lack sleep and time always seems to be the first to blame. Many say that there is not enough time in their schedule for sleep when in reality other factors are to blame such as: friends and family, school, work, and social events. Although there are several factors that can prevent us from sleeping, there are numerous consequences of going without sleep which include: drowsiness, a change in behavior, and a change in physical appearance.The main effect of going without sleep is drowsiness. At this stage, you become very weak and you have a hard time concentrating. Insufficient sleep can also cause you to become easily confused and you may begin to develop a memory loss. Most college students consume coffee to keep them awake, but coffee does not work for everyone. Also, it does not always give them the energy they need which in turn cause them to drink energy drinks. Although all they are seeking is the energy to help them stay awake, they are actually consuming large quantities of sugar that is not good for their overall health. Another effect of lacking sleep is a change in behavior. The lack of sleep can certainly affect the brain’s ability to learn. You can have difficulty performing daily tasks or operating a vehicle. If you lack the sleep and are operating a vehicle, your chances of being or having an accident are high. You feel very tired and are easily drifting in and out of reality. Also your hand-eye coordination is risky and you are not as quick to react as you normally would be. In a situation as this, you are better off not driving at all. Most effects of going without sleep...
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