Effects of Science on the World

Topics: Earth, World population, Agriculture Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Science seems to rule the world we live in today. Scientists have contributed chiefly to the progress the world has achieved through its various inventions and discoveries. However if good use of technology is not made then it can be very fatal to mankind. Thus the question of whether science is a blessing or a curse often arises.

In many cases these scientific and technological advances hold the promise of positive applications for the benefits of human kind. The world population is rapidly increasing and is estimated to be over 7 billion however the demand for food has also increased causing food shortage in the world. Thus to remediate this alarming situation scientific techniques are used in the agriculture industry to increase the production of food. Fertilizers are used to enrich the soil and pesticides to save crops from insects.

On top of that science has advanced so much that diseases which were considered to be deadly can now be prevented or completely eradicated. For example there are various vaccines against chicken pox, measles, influenza and polio that are given to children or babies. Research is also being conducted on diseases like AIDS and cancer. Although no cure has been found till now, there exist drugs that can alleviate the pain and suffering.

Owing to the benefits of science, transport and communication has improved hugely. People are able to travel faster and comfortably due to new inventions such as cars, airplanes and even rockets for space travels. People are able to communicate faster and easier through inventions like telephones, fax, computerized mails, and also video conferencing. Not to forget the internet that has made the world become a global village. According to the vast majority of scientist, global climatic warming largely results from ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions caused by industrial activities and also human activities. Pollution is becoming a major problem in our world as the environment is...
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