effects of religion on children positive or negative?

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Valerie C. Munoz
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In this Vignette I hope to conceptualize the case of the Davila family by using my chosen theory, “The Structural Model,” and the approaches offered by Minuchin and his associates that were established in 1964. The reason I chose this model is because of its approach to the family systems rather than focusing on the individual. This approach in my opinion would be most effective with the Davila Family case due to the enmeshments between parents, grandparents and children. Vignette: The Davila Family Case

Family Therory:
In my reading about the structural model I recalled Minuchin because like myself his first concern was problem focused within the context of the family structure (Goldenberg 2000).”I have always felt that if a child is having constant escalating behaviors of tantrumming after the age of four there has to be a problem within the family structure. And so in hearing from therapist of who would many times in the past visit only with children and not the parents of families. This would really sound an alarm with me but since I lacked the understanding in the mental field I would asked the question of their knowledge in child development and the family as the root of guiding a child’s first developmental years. I also remember reading about Minuchins work and his vast array of experiences for example; Minuchin his practiced in pediatrics, his time volunteered in the army as a Doctor during Israel’s war in 1948, he was a child psychiatrist in the United States working with families in poverty and those who had multiple problems, disconnected structures and displaced children from the Holocaust. His heart to volunteer and research these problematic issues revealed to me his passion and heart for the family as a unit. In my personal experience as an Early Childhood Specialist working with families with children of trauma I often found myself being approached by clinicians who were working with young children yet lacked to understand the details of the early developmental domains. I wondered if they understood temperament, parenting styles or the developmental milestones like, social/emotional patterns, independence, problem solving or attachment and bonding. Clinicians would see toddlers displaying very angry levels of behavior not recognizing they were frustrated simply because they were delayed in their speech, disengaged with their parents, or in a foreign land that developed psychological stresses. So as I reviewed the Davila case I first observed that the structural of the family system; that being, mom, dad and children who had been interrupted by time the hierarchy currently being the grandparents, and the parental roles. This was the root in the context of this families transaction patterns that needed to be changed according to Minuchins major thesis of the structural model (pg. 194). This theory looks into the relationships, the organization of the family structure having to due with family roles, rules within this system, boundaries’ and wholeness. It also emphasizes on the wholeness of the family system, the influence the family’s hierarchical organization and the interdependent functioning of its subsystem’s for the wellbeing if each individual that consist of the whole family system. In this theory enmeshment is common and the family system is functioning at a dysfunctional level for the lack of boundaries, for inhibiting individual autonomy, and for disruptions in the parental subsystem. This theory reminds me of a sports; for example, baseball in expressing my complete understanding of this theory I will relate it to this sport. In the game of baseball it does consist of organization of each individuals place in order to function successfully as a whole team. The pitcher and the catcher are like the parents in the family. If they lack to understand...

References: Goldenberg, I., Goldenberg, H. (2000). Family Therapy An Overview. : United States. Wadsworth, a division of Thomas Learning.
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