Effects of Religion

Topics: Religion, Marriage, United States Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Unfortunately religion can have both positive and negative effects on society and the way people think, react, and support many acts. Many people stand by their religion and what they believe in, to the point of not trying to be open minded and understanding to the fact of others having different beliefs, and should be allowed to live as such. An example would be how the ban on gay marriages has caused turmoil and controversy across the United States. Until recently gay marriages were banned and many states didn’t recognize civil unions or common law same sex relationships. Some law makers have different opinions as to whom, meaning man and woman should be allowed to wed and be recognized as such, due to religious beliefs. The infamous day old wedding vows says “ I now pronounce you man and wife” and many believe that it should stay that way without regard to the fact that not everyone has the same religious beliefs, and should be allowed to wed whomever they want. These beliefs have many states fighting to lift a ban that not everyone agrees with. Another example of how religious beliefs have affected world events is the issue of abortion. Many religions feel that is morally wrong and forbidden for a woman to terminate a pregnancy at any term, and this has law makers attempting to have it illegal. They are overlooking the other pertinent circumstances such as overpopulating and poverty levels rising if they make abortions illegal. This then becomes a budget problem for the nation, to deal with. Some believe that it should be a woman’s choice whether she wants to terminate a pregnancy or not, and others believe that because religion says it wrong than it should be prohibited no matter what the circumstances are, whether it is rape or infidelity that produces the pregnancy. These circumstances would force many unwanted children into the world and will always be a fight with society and religion.
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