Effects of Rain

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The Effects of Rain in Rush Hour

Rush hour can pose a difficult time in for traffic, but when rain is involved this can be a much worse situation. Visibility could be one of the problems that arise during this time. When the rain is too heavy, drivers have to be careful and hope their windshield wipers are working properly. The heavy rain limits a driver’s view of the road. It is much harder for people that do not have good eyesight also. At night, the roads are dark black and with the rain it makes it much harder to see. When driving, visibility will always be your number one concern. Speed becomes a factor in heavy rain. In rush hour most drivers tend to slow down. This creates longer travel time, but much safer than it would be with less traffic. If a motorist is driving too fast they risk the chance of hydroplaning and losing control of their car. Depending on how hard the rain is falling, should control what speed you go. In rush hour, you cannot really go too fast due to all the traffic, so therefore you might not have as high of a risk hydroplaning. You should always be cautious, when driving in the rain, no matter if its rush hour or not. With all the effects of rain during rush hour, you can assume it could be dangerous or turn out to be a major headache. Rush hour is already not as fun going through it, more or less with it raining. All you need to do is focus and set aside any distractions you might have. Concentrate on the road and pay close attention to your surroundings. Cautious driving will not only protect you, but will also protect the other drivers going through the same conditions as you are. So no matter how much it rains or does not rain, being an alert safe driver is the only action that keeps yourself and others safe in rainy rush hour conditions.
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