Effects of Racism

Topics: Racism, Race, African American Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Sam Hart
Mrs. Glover
Into to Lit – 1st Period
5 November 2012
Racism Today
Discrimination against other races is very common in society today. 2007 Yale University did a study showing a black man who murdered a white man is three times more likely to receive the death penalty than a white man who killed a black man (11 Facts). Some people might think racism has stopped since the Civil Rights Act, but discrimination against minority races is still prevalent in society today.

The Civil Rights Act was established in 1964 out lawing discrimination against other races. This act has helped with discrimination against colored people, but there are still racist people in this world who hate certain races of people. An example of the act not working well is that African Americans and Latinos are stopped by police while driving at a much higher rate than white people (Quigley 1). This shows how even police can be racist by profiling certain races. Racism is terrible and must come to an end.

Racism is a very real problem today and needs to stop. People all over and even in churches or Christian Schools have people that are racist. This country is racist, but it was even more racist before the Civil Rights era. An example is when Scout said to Dill, “ After all he’s just a negro” (Lee 199). This shows how people thought lower of people with different colored skin. Some people think this way today. Racism can be casually telling a racist joke, however there are extreme racists that even kill people of a certain race. Racism needs to be stopped.

Racism is a very large problem today and the Civil Rights Act hasn’t been able to put an end to it. The Civil Rights Act may have helped with discrimination, but it hasn’t put an end to racism today. Many people are racist and it is not acceptable. All people should be treated equally; skin color shouldn’t determine how you treat someone.

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