Effects of poverty

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The Effects Of Poverty ,
WRIT 300
October 15, 2012

Poverty is an enigma that seems to plague each corner of the United States. No matter how rich how stabilize or how strong our country may claim it is poverty lurks in shadow of all places on this earth and in it’s silhouette the opprobrious effects. The three scholarly articles I summarized connect the dots on how poverty impacts the United States economically; and socially. The first articles I summarized Haiyun Zhao, Zhilan Feng, Carlos Castillo-havez, (2008) conducted an study that examines the effects that poverty has on our society economically, and the effects it has on children growing up in poor areas. Zhao, Feng, Havez, (2008) starts out by shedding light on the financial and social burden poverty is to the United States. Zhao, Feng, Havez, (2008) states that poverty cost about 4% a year of the GDP. In their attempt to estimate the cost of poverty in America Zhao, Feng, Havez, (2008) perform a study on children in poverty stricken areas. The study looks at how the children behave, while living in the areas and how it plays out in their actions as adults. Subsequently, leading to the determination of rather there is a correlation between poverty and the economy. Zhao, Feng, Havez, (2008) go into another study that displays statistical correlations between how the difference of environment, meaning poor class or rich class contributed to large disparities in test scores, along with differences in physical aggression between the children from both classes. From this Zhao, Feng, Havez, (2008) conclude that those who score poor are more likely to becoming adolescent parents, become unemployed and become criminals. Moving on, Zhao, Feng, Havez, (2008) begin the next section by saying a family economic status greatly effects the quality of school the child attends, the emotional well being of child, parenting the child receives, and resources the child has access, which all affect actions...

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