effects of part time job to college students

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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

Acquisition of knowledge is not only confined in the four corners of the classroom. In some instances, individual may learn through his environment. Through On the Job Training or practicum, the students are given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. Practicum helps the students to experience the new environment and challenge them that will result in growth and creativity in their subsequent experiences. It also link theory with practice by providing regular structured and supervised opportunities for student to apply and test knowledge, skills and attitudes, developed largely in campus based studies, to the real world of the school and the school community. For many students, the practicum is a very positive and meaningful experience, but for some the practicum can fall short of expectations. The quality of every practicum experience can be enhanced if students are provided with guidance in identifying and making use of learning opportunities. A practicum structure that helps students to examine and analyze their settings in ways that build on their prior classroom learning is of critical importance. In addition, some of the most meaningful learning occurs as a result of having to deal with unexpected events and frustrations during the practicum it allows the students to engage in social responsibility and leadership activities within the community and teaches students valuable and noteworthy skills needed to enter the workforce.

In particular, Camarines Norte State College, encourage their students to undergo to this training to help them boost their knowledge and skills in an actual workplace. The researchers chose to study the Medical and Legal Office Practicum of the Bachelor of Science in Office Administration students to satisfy their curiosity on how to handle the internship situation. It is the context where the researchers would provide recommendations to further help them.

Statement of the Problem

This research was conducted to determine the importance and benefits of Medical and Legal Office Practicum of the Fourth Year Office Administration Students in Camarines Norte State College. Specifically, it answered the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:

1.1 age;
1.2 gender;
1.3 civil status
1.4 family monthly income; and
1.5 Parent’s occupation?
2. What are the benefits derived of Fourth Year Office Administration students from their practicum in terms of: 2.1 Studies
2.2 Human Relations
2.3 Skills
2.4 Self Esteem
3. What are the effects of Medical and Legal Office practicum to the efficiency of Office Administration Student? 4. What are the possible strategies that may help the Fourth Year Office Administration students to improve their perceive skills in their On The-Job Training.?

Significance of the Study

The result of this study is expected to be beneficial to the following: Office Administration students. This study is very important most specially to the part of the students, because the learning they get during their practicum will help in their future job. Parent/Guardian. Are considered the first teachers of a child, and parental involvement has a positive effect on a student’s behavior. When parents are directly involved with their student’s education, the student has a higher academic achievement, better interactions with other people and they can build a harmonious relationship between their co-worker in the near future. Faculty Staff. The member of the faculty may be informed about the student’s capability in working and interacting with other people, which will serve as a basis in measuring the performance of the students. Researchers Themselves....
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