Effects Of Nfl On Domestic Violence

Topics: National Football League, American football, Domestic violence, Roger Goodell / Pages: 4 (782 words) / Published: Mar 30th, 2017
It is Superbowl Sunday. You have family and friends over to watch the game. The room fills with the aroma of pizza, wings, and nachos. You hear the sounds of laughter and talking; that all stops instantaneously; as the quarterback receives the ball and gets tackled,he does not get back up. Turns out the quarterback has severe brain trauma and will not be able to speak in complete sentences. This can be prevented with the end of the National Football League or NFL. The NFL is a repulsive greedy company that only cares about money and not about the wellbeing of others. It is time to shine the light on the NFL so people can see the malice that they create by shoving their problems under the rug. The NFL needs to be stopped before it is too late for America and the damage can not be reversed. …show more content…
The NFL treats domestic violence cases with little to no significance and it is truly disturbing. For example Ray Rice, hit his wife and she became unconscious and then dragged her unconscious body into an elevator. What punishment did Rice receive? An astonishing two game suspension. Meanwhile his wife will be scared from this event forever. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, has given out longer suspensions for smoking pot and DUI’s. Josh Gordon received a one-year suspension for marijuana use (The NFL Needs to Take Domestic Violence Seriously). The NFL does not see domestic violence as a serious problem and more like a joke. The NFL needs to be stopped they have already create too much

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