Effects of Media on Society

Topics: Violence, Mass media, Media influence Pages: 8 (2816 words) Published: December 6, 2005
"Media Violence - American children and adolescents are exposed to increasing amounts of media violence, especially in television, movies, video games, and youth-oriented music. By 18, the average young person will have viewed 200,000 acts of violence on television" (http: //www.karisable.com/crssmv.htm) For the past thirty years, there has been a debate over violence is the media and whether or not that media violence leads to real-life violence. There are those who would say that yes, violence in the media has and will still lead to real-life violence and there are those who would say that no, the violence in the media does not cause real-life violence. The main concern on this issue of course the effect that the media violence has on children. Especially with the recent school shootings and a rise in violent crimes around the world there has to be something for people to point their fingers at and unfortunately the parent groups as well as others have chosen to point the finger at every single media format. The media formats in question here vary from television to music. From video games to websites and everything in between. There is only one thing that is for certain. This issue on media violence is not going away anytime soon. "Don't you get it, bitch? No one can hear you. Now shut the fuck up, and get what's comin' to you... You were supposed to love me!!!! (Sound of Kim chocking) NOW BLEED, BITCH, BLEED BLEED, BITCH, BLEED, BLEEEEEEED!" (Source: From the song Kim, by Eminem). (www.media-awareness.ca/english/issues/violence/index.cfm) That right there is a prime example of violence is mass media that is supposedly desensitizing the youth of the world today. In this case it is the music industry that is under the microscope of its critics. The album from which that song came from went on to sell millions upon millions of copies in the U.S. alone. And in Canada where Eminem was bared from playing a concert on the grounds of his lyrics promoted violence the album sold 679,567 in 2000. " The Universal Music Group , the worlds largest music company, lists Eminem, Dr. Dre and Limp Bizkit all of whom have been criticized for their violent and misogynist lyrics among its top-grossing artists." (www.media-awareness.ca/english/issues/violence/index.cfm) In defense of the music industry Marcus Strife writes, " In a time of modern witch hunts we need to work hard to prove that there either is or isn't a connection. People are too eager to point a finger and find sense and reason for a few horrible acts committed by angry teens. What people fail to see is that the people who commit these crimes are not inspired by music, rather indignation caused by family or school. No one listens to a song and then feels the urge to steal or murder. This concept is ridiculous and parallels the closed-mindedness and rash thinking of the plague, or ancient China's burning of the books. Fearful and sheltering parents have had a literal frenzy attacking music that teens use as a backdrop to their lives. (Teen-Violence and The Music : The Real Connection, Strife) Marcus Strife concludes the argument of violence in music and the effect it has on people best with" There is no proof on either side that music contributes to violence, but for some reason parents feel content with conjecture and casual observations. On a subject that affects so many one can't make rash judgments. People need to think everything out and rationalize, not jump at the chance to point blame at something. There are other circumstances that must be looked at, such as criminal history, mental status, and family life.(Teen-Violence and The Music : The Real Connection, Strife) "The Parents Music Resource Center reports that American teenagers listen to an estimated 10,500 hours of rock music between the 7th and 12th grades alone - just 500 hours less than they spend in school over twelve years." http://www.babybag.com/articles/amaviol.htm)...
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