Effects of Mass Society in 19th Century

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Ch. 19 Level 2
What were the effects of mass society in the 19th century and in the present? How did it influence and contribute to the bigger picture of the time besides in society?

The basic structure of mass society called for a greater civilization in terms of equality and urbanization than arguably ever seen in some regions of the world. Basically, mass society gave voting rights to the lower classes, improved living conditions, and further mass education. The developments in rights also called for the beginning of feminists that finally could have a chance at reaching full citizenship. The 19th century mass society is the basis of our nations today in which all classes are treated equally and education is for all. The growth of urbanization and the means of something to do with time off led to mass leisure. The leisure the populations in the 19th century enjoyed include the Ferris wheel at amusement parks and team sports that large crowds came to see. The NBA and the MLB are actually products of the development of leisure in the 19th century as well as the state fair. Fans took the subways to games much like those in San Francisco when people flock to AT&T Park. Mass socialism during its time also led to the success of politicians in the National States. The economic growth in Latin America around 1870 was also a byproduct of the prosperity their outlets in Europe saw in Mass society. Much like that in Europe, Latin America saw the rise of a middle class that included lawyers and merchants. In 1870, Latin America also saw a change in politics as large landowners took an interest in national politics. The internal prosperity of mass socialism for the most part created additional success in politics and the economy as well as other aspects of the empires. Even today, the success of mass society is shared.
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