Effects of Marijuana on The Brain
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Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

I wasn’t to personally apologize to my family, and the University for my adolescent decision-making, and uncharacteristic act. I take no pride in what I have done, but more so shame and a lot of it. However, I do hold myself accountable for my action, and I am willing to view this obstacle as a lesson to my everlasting life experiences. So, as a part of my lesson I have conducted an essay. This essay will summarize the effects of marijuana on the brain. I will speak about what the marijuana user feels after smoking, and how it affects the users’ general well-being. Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America, only falling short to alcohol and tobacco. Factually marijuana is way less toxic and detrimental to your health than alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana is mostly outlawed in America with an exception to a few states, but still has a high usage rate amongst American citizens despite ethics. Marijuana is a mixture of the dried and shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. After you inhale marijuana smoke, its chemicals are distributed throughout the body instantly. Marijuana contains a chemical better known as THC. THC is a very potent chemical and is the main active ingredient in marijuana. Once in your bloodstream, THC typically reaches the brain within seconds after it is inhaled and begins to go to work. THC works very quickly on the brains functions and changes all normality within.

Marijuana, once inhaled, directly effects the brain in various ways. Brain function depends on a complex interplay of chemicals known as neurotransmitters that act as carriers of information between cells called neuron. THC affects this interplay by altering the strength of some of these signals. The signals are altered due to an interference with the normal communication between reason and brain circuits. THC targets the brains proteins named cannabinoid. When THC

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