Effects of Machiavellianism

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Self Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: May 11, 2006
Machiavellian ethics suggest that all is fair as long as you reach your goal or "the ends justify the means." Whether it is gained by being glib, through manipulation, or lies, those who follow Machiavellian ethics are without remorse or empathy. This effects not only the individual but the society as a whole. To the individual, Machiavellian ethics can suggest a kill or be killed mentality, which is built on mistrust. If one adopted these ethics in a professional setting, such as in the office or the classroom, a domino effect will occur spreading mistrust and sabotage. The Machiavellian individual will begin to trust that his misleading tendencies steers the listener in the direction that accomplishes his goals. Individual effects don't end there.

Modern marketing strategies, which purposely focus on the aspects of life that most individuals are self conscious about, may cause customers to develop major psychological issues. As described in the film Ad and the Ego, Customers view these ads constantly and form a self image that is impossible to achieve. This creates customers who need such products in order to feel like they are making progress towards their "ideal" self image. The long term effects of the society as a whole is most clearly viewed in the marketing practices as well. Featured in the film Ad and the Ego, The marketing strategies are often seen as abusive because it is filled with cheats and frauds who are unethically manipulating customers into buying products they don't really need. Effects of the marketing strategy has lasting effects on the environment. Successful Machiavellian marketing strategies are constant and manipulative crating an over consuming society. Our society [5% of the worlds population] uses 3/4 of the world's resources and produces most of the worlds waste. No other society has such an aggressive marketing system and no other society comes close to our waste production or resource consumption. Machiavellian ethics in...
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