Effects of Instructional Materials on Geography Perfomance

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Background of the Study
It is generally accepted in the world that pupil’s performance is directly influenced by the instructional materials applied. These instructional materials are the key ingredients in learning. Barnett (1992) comments that teachers should cover the materials in the curriculum and prepares pupils for standardized tests. This may have happened in western countries because of adequate resources. Nevertheless these instructional materials have not been used in the right way in sub-Saharan region particularly in Kenya. Teachers have neglected the use of these materials and in a way they have watered down pupil’s motivation as far as learning is concerned. All these bring to poor performance of the pupils especially in Westland zone in Nairobi County.

Statement of the Problem
Many students are performing poorly year after year in their examinations in Westland zone and this situation is growing worse. This in turn opens their door to poor life thereafter. This poor performance may be brought by non-innovative teachers who may not want to use the instructional materials in the right way. Unqualified teachers may also bring this problem. In this case it calls for a research to be carried out in this zone to find out exactly what the problem is.

General Objective
To investigate how instructional materials influence the performance in selected secondary schools in Westland zone, Nairobi County.

Specific objectives
The study will be meant:-
To find out to what extent do text books influence the students’ performance? To determine how the use of visual aids influence the students’ performance. To find out whether learning environment also influence the students’ performance.

Study Questions
To what extent do textbooks as part of instructional materials influence the students’ performance in Westland zone? In which way can visual aids influence the performance of pupils in Westland zone? To what extent does the leaning environment influence the pupil’s performance in Westland zone?

Hypothesis of the study
There is no significance relationship between textbooks, visual aids, instructional materials and leaning environment, and they do not have any influence in student’s performance in Westland zone. Scope of the study

The study is intended to be carried out in selected schools located in Westland’s zone, which is approximately 10km from Nairobi city. The research investigates on the use of instructional materials, learning environment and their influence on the performance of pupils in Westland zone. The respondents to the questionnaires will be the pupils of those schools.

Significance of the study
The finding will help the policy makers to identify and formulate the right policies that can help to improve the use of instructional materials in selected secondary schools in westland zone so that the performance can be improved. It will enlighten the ministry of education on solving the issues of instructional materials and for good implementation through District Education Officers, head teachers and teachers as well. It will also pave way for other researchers who will come thereafter to continue researching whether textbooks, visual aids, instructional materials and leaning environment, have any influence in student’s performance in Westland zone. It will be of importance to pupils for they will gain the required knowledge through the use of these instructional materials to enable them achieve their dreams. It will help teachers to be competent in their noble work and help in improving the performance of the pupils. It will meet the researchers’ academic requirements for the award of degree in education at Bugema University.

Being new in the field the researcher will find a lot of challenges, but through consulting those who have gone through it he will make it. The study will be limited by the time as the researcher...
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