Effects Of Hollywood on The World

Topics: Film, Drug addiction, Kurt Cobain Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Hollywood dominates the world's motion-picture industry, it has always been known to be the most powerful and influential. It exerts moral, cultural and political influences on our society. However, there is a dark side to Hollywood that lays beneath the glossy surface.

It is a medium that provides entertainment and distraction for the people which all societies need. Teenagers and young adults crave the entertainment provided by movies, at the same time, they become deeply influenced by the lifestyle, fashion, violence, habits and addictions portrayed by them. This Influence is phenomenal all over the world and is increasing daily. It is a paradox between innocent desire for fame and recognition with a culture of irrational fears.

As the youth watch these movies, they become unable to seperate reality from illusion and absorb innapropriate material into their being. Very often we see little kids dreaming of silver screen quotations. They aspire of being able to enter this dream world, totally naive and ignorant of the problems those within have to deal with. This can create a lot of damage and destruction in society as it increases violence, drug addiction and promiscious behavior leading to a general downward trend in the moral fabric of society.

Hollywood creates idols for many people to look up to. Celebrities create a false reality not only in the movies they make, but the lives they live. People's expectations have increased to match celebrities, who make millions, while the ones responsible for the actual production are just average joe's.

Kurt Cobain, became a martyr for the life of fame, he couldn't handle how fake the world around him had become and decided to take his own life. He was known for his hatred of the mainstream society.

We have become desensitized to the ridiculous car chases, sex scenes and super hero powers that has flooded our movie screens. I don't consider Hollywood a place, I consider it a state of mind....
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