Effects of Going to College

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College can be a good thing or a bad thing it depend on how you make your time. College has its ups and down as a college student I would know. When I first started I was so nervous and happy at the same time; nervous to meet new people and happy to be doing something with my life. Going to college can be nerve racking for some people leave home for the first time, going to other states or county. To some students, college is the best thing that ever happens to them making a better life for their self. Some kids just going to college just to make their parents happy and not themselves. As we get older we want the better for ourselves and we think back over our life and see what we have made of it and what we could have change; and some chosen to going to college to better them self and while other go to college just to make friends and have fun.

College is nerve racking to some people leave home for the first time stepping out of their parents’ shadow. Going to a place you only visit once and reading about it can be nervous. Entered into classes, meeting new face, mouth getting dry you terrifying of what you might say or do. You feel alone, you isolated yourself from others, you homesick. It just a step to been adult, adjust to meeting new people and stepping out it would improve you would not feel like you forlorn. While you away from your first home you would had made a new home, one that you not afraid of and people you can talk to.

Going to college was the best thing that ever happens to me other than my kids. It was a change for the best, in my family I would be the first to graduate from college. Some people did not like high school or enjoyed it; I would be the first one to say it because I did not like high school but I enjoy going to college. Learning new things advance me and my kids. What I learn in college can be a help to my kids and others. It never to later to learn, improved yourself and sometime outshine others. If I was...
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