effects of globlization

Topics: Globalization, International trade, Health care Pages: 4 (1124 words) Published: April 19, 2014
Globalization has both positive and negative effects about one of the major concerns, health. The health care is primarily affected by globalization is through the increasing and worsening of internationalization of various health risks. However, if you will have to define the terms and other dimensions of the health risks such as; Technological, economic, social, political and cultural as well as scientific aspects. The linkages between health care and globalization are quite complex. Globalization itself is a multifaceted phenomenon which can affect health care in various ways. Globalization in a general view is causing changes in nature of the society which can bring new possibilities, also risks. The effects of globalization in healthcare are creating a growing concern on the health of the citizenry. The increased movement of both goods and people increases opportunities for the spread of disease around the world. There are also concerns about the following: Potential public health problems due to market liberalization, the emergence of new diseases globally,

worsening of existing ones due to climate change and
Governmental oversight over economic policies that can affect spending on healthcare. International cooperation as a result of globalization has also had a great impact on health practices in many countries including Europe. Globalization itself is an extremely complex phenomenon where there is the interactive and dynamic co-evaluation of multiple cultural, economic, technological m environmental and social norms and trends at various conceivable scales. However, the identification of the possible effects of globalization on healthcare goes far and even beyond the current capacity of our mental ability to capture and decipher the dynamics of the global system that we are in. With the complex and complicated depth of issues concerning the effects of globalization for health, it is a must that we focus on the risks to health and the...
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