Effects of Globalisation on Indian Society

Topics: Working class, Sociology, British Empire Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Indian Society is among the oldest in the world and varied and complex in its heritage. But about 200 years of colonial rule changed its socio-cultural process. India was turned into an appendage of the British empire. British colonial policy transformed its economy, society and polity. The British colonial authority was responsible for the introduction of the modern state in India. They surveyed the land, settled land revenues, created a modern bureaucracy, army, police, instituted law courts and helped in the codification of laws. The colonial administration developed communications, the railways, the postal system, telegraph, roads and the canal system. It introduced English language and took steps for the establishment of universities. The above changes set in motion a number of forces which had long-term and often adverse consequences for the Indian economy and society. These changes were not oriented towards causing balanced development and progress of the Indian society. They only served the imperial interests of the colonial authority. India which had a glorious past, had become one of the poorest countries when it freed itself from colonial bondage. In 1948-49 India's national income was 86.5 thousand million rupees. Which meant a per capita income of only 264 (rupees). This was one of the lowest in the world. India had a predominant agrarian economy. 72 percent of its total workforce was dependant upon agriculture. Organised industries accounted for two percent of the workforce. The colonial authority pursued policies which led to pouperisation of the peasants, who had reduced to the position of share-croppers, marginal tenants and landless agricultural labourers. At the dawn of independence India was economically dependant upon advanced countries. Its exports consisted of primary products while its imports consisted of manufactures from industrialised countries. It also showed a marked deficit in the balance of trade. The economy was characterised by a...
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