Effects of Global Warming (Effect Essay Eng 3)

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Ocean Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: July 12, 2009
Graham Condon

Effects of Global Warming

The effects of global warming are of concern–both for the environment and human life. Many effects thought to be unlikely are now being observed because of the dire consequences that may result if ignored. Here, we look at: melting of glaciers, increase of severe weather, and the social effects related to global warming.

Because glaciers are made of fresh water, their melting will not only raise sea levels, but cause desalinization. Simply put, the oceans become less salty. This desalinization alters ocean currents; which regulate the temperature of oceans. This lack of regulation will cause ocean temperatures to rise. According to the Munich Re Group in Germany: “Excluding the ice caps and ice sheets of the Arctic and Antarctic; the total surface area of glaciers worldwide has decreased by 50% since the end of the 19th century.” This explains not only the rising of ocean levels, but ocean current alteration as well.

More severe weather is another serious effect of global warming. Dr. Weiss of the US National Academy of Sciences states: “Greenhouse warming and other human altercations of the Earth will increase the possibility of large, abrupt, and unwelcome regional and global climatic events.” What this means is: storm strength will continue to swell as global warming increases. This has been evident in the last few hurricane seasons; where hurricanes have been at their worst. In the future, these types of extreme storms will make coastal regions uninhabitable.

There are also economic and social effects of global warming. For some time, it has been hoped that because of carbon dioxide’s role in photosynthesis; agriculture would be a sector that would benefit. Even though, in the short-term, areas like the United States and Siberia may benefit agriculturally; in the long-run, drought conditions will make food supply difficult. The World...
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