Effects of Gambling

Topics: Gambling, Online gambling, Addiction Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: December 16, 2012
During people's life, they develop empirical knowledge about many things. Knowing is the power that everyone has to decide which information is right or wrong to face big challenges and succeed when taking the decisions. All possibilities in this life might be good within the constraints; however, when people take themselves to an abusive level of necessity, it becomes dangerous for them and all those surround them. Gambling has a number of negative effects that distinguish it from other challenging activities; some of these issues are: addictions, family problems and bankruptcy.

Gambling is not only a problem in the United States. Gambling is a big problem many other countries such as England and Whales (Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 2002). Reports have proven that over 72% of adults have reportedly gambled within the last year.(Sproston et, al. 2000). Gambling is used like a drug, if people have an issue with family, work, or any worldly problems. The irony of that is, gambling causes family problems,

Firstly, gambling is apparently an entertainment industry where many end up being innocent victims of addictions such as alcoholism and lies. Society should be able to resolve its problems without depending on external agents, but people have point breaks. Because casinos provide free alcohol to their customers, they could easily get alcohol problems; while gamblers spend money on their bets, they are drinking alcohol.

Compulsive gamblers usually tell lies because they seek to hide their gamble habits; they begin to distort their actions to their partners, friends and even at work. For instance, sometimes bettors gamble in secret, or they do not tell how much time or money they spend; instead, they often create stories to try to justify their activities. Gamblers believe in fake hopes that they will surprise themselves with a big win some day. Compulsive Gambling can be addicted to the adventure of the risk. An addictive gambler is anxious of...
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