Effects of Firefighting

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When a fire arises it affects many people. It affects the Firefighters that are trying to put it out,it

affects the landscape that it consumes,and it also affects the individuals of the property it

destroys. Firefighters are the ones that are affected the most. According to an article from nbc

news dated 3/26/2007 heart attacks for Firefighters are on the rise. Stress and Health related

issues Firefighters acquire can be managed effectively through specific programs within the Fire


It is important for one to bear in mind that fire is one of risk perils in the society. There are many

causes of fire. Some of them are accidental while others are out of evil minds of people. Fire menace

has caused destruction of a lot of property including buildings and other important assets in home and

industries. Many have lost their lives in the event where fires have broken up. Forests have seen the

horror part of fire that brings down the huge canopies where bush fires have been rampant. The world

has tried to use several ways to curb the problem of fire outbreaks. One of the common methods is the

deploying of fire fighters in scenarios where fire erupts into flames on property. The effects of fire have

been read in books, spoken about in public gatherings, watched in televisions and saw live. Fire is


Firefighting is the practice where people called fire fighters use water or other fire inhibitors to

put out fire. In the process they face health risk challenges. Firefighting has several challenges just like

other jobs do. Fire fighters contract serious problems and malfunctions besides accidents. It should

be noted that firefighters have full chance of contracting cancer. They are prone to high temperatures

that warm the body cells which undergo mutations. The cells change and cause reaction of the body

causing health risks in form of cancer. This...
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