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Effects of Facebook on Teenagers

Social networking sites, most notably Facebook have become so popular today that they are the leading words on the lips of every teenager. Facebook has more than 750 million users today. You love to spend most of your time checking your Facebook updates, but do you know that there are many negative effects of using Facebook.

Effects of Facebook on Teenagers
Most of the teenagers don’t realize then negative impact of Facebook on their life. And, the main reason is because they are already addicted to it. And, this addiction can lead to several negative developments. You will find 7 negative effects of this social networking site that should encourage you to start avoiding it. The first negative effect of Facebook is that a teenage user starts losing interest in his or her surroundings. You would be addicted to Facebook and the only thing you would be concerned about will be your “own” world, which is inside Facebook. The second negative effect is that your real-world social interaction will start diminishing. There is no doubt that you are going to have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but with how many of them would you be interacting out in the real world. As a human being, you are a social creature and you naturally require real-world social interaction. When you are going to spend maximum of your time on the Internet, you are going to decrease your communication and social skills. Another negative impact will be on your health. There is a very high chance that excessive use of Facebook leads to the users becoming obese. You would be sitting most of the time in front of the computer, eating snacks and without any physical activities. And, over a period of time you are going to accumulate all the extra pounds. Facebook is also going to minimize your study time. Rather than...
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