Effects of Divorce on Teens

Topics: Family, Parent, Marriage Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Its all fun and games, untill someone gets hurt.
coming from a seprated family myself, i was interested in how many other children were going thorugh not only similar experinces but different ones, some people i found to have truly extrodinary experiences, some so different to my own i feel bad for thinknig that. i was interested in finding out what other people went thourgh and how they managed or sturggeled with the event. as i was so young when i experenced my parents separation, i was interested to see how others coped, i found while undergoing reasearch with several other students from different areas of newcastle that who were of similar age to me when there parents divorced/separated that they to have similar experiences. each child still visits the other parent on interval weeks/weekends. although Parental divorce disrupts the lives of nearly one in five young Australians under the age of 20, a disruption related to long-term social and economic disadvantages.It is unclear, however, to what extent the disadvantages are due to changes in family structure or to the reduction in resources available to the child. The effects these changes are likely to be complex and to become apparent only in the years following parental separation.i find that Divorce sets in train events that the individual themselves responsible for later events in the lives of family members.each individuals experience is ofcourse going to cary, but there are significant impactors to this, although similar events have occured family structure and status play a huge role in effects. For example, reduced material resources following parental separation could affect the chances of a child reaching his or her full potential. Through the lack of resources, children may be deprived of educational and social opportunities, thus limiting their horizons. These limits may restrict vocational plans, particularly with respect to tertiary education. A lack of resources may also diminish the...
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