effects of divorce on children

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Effects of Divorce on Children
By: Karen Anderson

Divorce is never a pleasant experience, for anyone involved. Divorce causes those involved to have feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, inadequacies, and so many other emotional feelings of distress. When children are involved in a marriage that is ending in divorce, these emotional scars and feelings can cause much deeper issues, not only for the adults involved, but for the children. Divorce, almost 100% of the time, will be a traumatic experience for a child, and can have sever negatives effects on them emotionally and mentally. So, knowing that divorce has negative effects on children, and their emotional and mental stability and health, is divorce ever a positive, or recommended outcome to a failing marriage? Can a child be considered “better off” when their parents choose divorce as the only option? In this paper, I will explore three sides to this issue; the pros, the cons, and my own biblical and personal opinion on the matter.

When Can Divorce be Positive for a Child?

When we think of the “perfect” family, we think of a manicured home, with a white picket fence, two cats, 1 dog, a mother, a father, little Johnny and baby Sallie. This perfect family has dinner together every night, mom keeps the house clean, dad goes to work, and bed time rituals are filled with goodnight stories, hugs, and kisses goodnight. Yes; in a perfect world… There has been research on the effects divorce has on children, especially children of younger ages. The findings in this research indicates that children who live in the home of unhappy marriages which then end with civil divorces can actually have positive or at least, neutral effects on children, and the family as a whole. According to Virginia Rutter, who is the senior researcher with Council on Contemporary Families (CCF), which is a nonprofit organization located in Illinois, whose research and studies are dedicated to studying these types of family...

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